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Are You Suffering From Below?
  •  Back Pain
  •  Neck Pain 
  •  Arthritis and Joint Pain 
  •  Arm and Shoulder Pain 
  •  Slipped Disc/Disc Herniation 
  •  Headaches and Migraines 
  •  Scoliosis 
  •  Ear infections 
  •  Asthma  
  •  Abnormal Posture/hunching 
  •  Numbness & tingling
  •  Fatigue 
  •  Difficulty sleeping 
  •  Chronic colds, flu and sinus problems 
Your health is our biggest priority, therefore we will not compromise on our examination procedures. Every part of the examination is vital to understanding what is causing your health challenges. We will do everything necessary to get the information we need to help you as much as we can.   
We have helped countless Singaporeans just like you get gentle relief from back pain, neck pain, and headaches etc. Reserve your Chiro Package today to join the millions who are already benefiting from regular chiropractic care!  
 This Chiro Evaluation includes: 
  •  Consultation - conversation between you and us (Dr. Janelle or Dr. Derek!) to understand your health challenges, day to day difficulties, and clinical history.
  •  Examination - We will conduct a series of exams, tests and scans to determine the cause of your health challenges.
  •  Report of Findings - Detailed explanation of the results from your checkup and recommendations for improvement. 
  •  Adjustment - Your health is important. Upon examination, we'll only give you your first adjustment on the day itself if it's safe to do so. Otherwise, we'll arrange a follow-up session. Do take note that there will be additional costs if X-rays are required before your first adjustment.
About Our Chiropractors, Dr. Janelle and Dr. Derek MacBay
Drs Janelle and Derek MacBay arrived in Singapore in 2008 after graduating with honors from and finishing their clinical internships in San Francisco, California.
Since arriving in Singapore almost 15 years ago, they have helped countless people restore their bodies to proper function, health and healing.

Their focus is on empowering families through chiropractic care, fitness, and nutritional coaching.

Dr. Derek is the chiropractor for the Singapore National Baseball League and the host of The World Class Dad Podcast. Dr. Janelle is a Doula and educator with the leading natural birthing group in Singapore and CEO of Amber J Necklaces.

Both Drs Janelle and Derek specialize in the care of families, prenatal and pediatric chiropractic.
What Our Patients Are Saying...
Chiropractic care has improved and almost eliminated the tension in my neck which wouldn’t go away with regular massages. I now have better quality sleep and it has helped me to get over my jet lag much quicker. 

My energy levels have improved, I am now starting my day much earlier and energized. My mood and patience have improved. I look forward to getting my adjustments as I walk out feeling recharged and simply better about myself. Chiropractic has improved my life in so many ways!

I am so grateful for the staff and doctors at Pinnacle Chiropractic who run an organized, energetic clinic where the doctors actually DO CARE about your life and health!!

I see myself having better posture, less pain, greater energy levels at work and less fatigue in my daily life!

Give Pinnacle a shot. You won't regret it!

Stephanie G. (23-Year Old Cabin Crew)
I had a motor bike accident 15 years ago and have been suffering from neck, shoulder and back pain for the past three years. Simply lying down made the pain worse and resulted in poor quality of sleep.

When I started with Pinnacle Chiropractic they informed me there was degeneration in my neck due to the misalignments in my spine.

I told all my friends and family about my care and how my severe pain has been eliminated because of my chiropractic care. My pain is gone, I can now get plenty of good, quality rest, and I feel more flexible in my movements. Chiropractic allows me to be healthy and be better every single day.

The staff at Pinnacle Chiropractic are very friendly, have always greeted me by name and are very knowledgeable. The doctors are very gentle with their adjustments which are effective and efficient.

I foresee a healthier spine and better quality of life because of my chiropractic care.

Joining Pinnacle Chiropractic is my health investment.

Agustinus W. (40-Year Old Nurse)
Under Chiropractic Care, my long-standing symptoms were resolved. Before I was introduced to Chiropractic care, I woke up every morning with neck discomfort, sometimes it would trigger a headache and I would feel unwell the whole day.

I started feeling numb on my left arm and I would drop things easily due to the weakness. I had breathing problems, I felt there was something in my throat blocking my windpipes. I had lower back pain, last year I was not stable when I walked and there was pressure exerted on my right hip and leg. I tired easily after performing certain daily activities.

Because of Chiropractic care, my suffering stopped!! Now, I feel my energy level has increased and I can last throughout my day. Most importantly, NO PAIN! I feel great!! My difficulty in breathing has gone away. I feel more balanced when I walk and I feel my posture is gradually improving.

I will say chiropractic care comes in two folds, the first is the adjustment and improving the spine. The second is the wellness education; good nutrition, stress management, exercise are some of the things the doctors tirelessly and selflessly share.

The word “Happy” says it all, a friendly, relaxed and a caring environment.

What has pleased me the most since beginning my chiropractic care is that I have not had the flu or been sick in any way.

Ursula P.
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